1992 Fender USA Eric Clapton "Blackie" Stratocaster Electric Guitar

This guy's stamped September 4th, 1992 on the butt of the neck. It's an American-made Strat and an "Eric Clapton Signature" model, outfitted with Lace Sensor pickups and active circuitry. The top and middle knobs are normal volume/tone controls but the lower (second) tone knob controls the boost which allows you to go from Plain Vanilla Strat to Sizzly Strat to '80s Hair Metal Strat. Is that a thing? Sizzle!

For most of the demo video I'm playing it as if it were a "normal" guitar, but at the end I go through some of the gain sounds with the preamp pushed a bit on the guitar. Fortunately, someone was smart when they put the battery box under the whammy's coverplate on the rear. That's a lot easier to reload than under the pickguard like some installs, though when I set this up earlier this year for its owner I did stick one of those "10 year smoke detector" 9V batteries in it, so it should be set for quite a while.

As you might expect, it handles like a Strat -- it's comfortable, it's on the lighter-weight side of the spectrum, and it's fast. The neck has a more vintage-feeling profile, though, with a hint of a V to it and a more medium-thickness feel. It feels roomier -- like the '50s Strat necks it emulates.

Aside from average usewear and lighter scratching, the guitar is also in great shape and all-original. The frets have so little wear that I didn't bother to level and dress them as I normally do for almost any guitar that comes-up for sale through the shop. They're clean.

Repairs included: mild cleaning, setup.

Body wood: not sure (swamp ash?)

Bridge: normal vintage Strat-style

Fretboard: maple

Neck wood: maple

Pickups: 3x Lace Sensor Strat-style

Action height at 12th fret: 1/16" overall (fast)
String gauges: 46w-10

Neck shape: medium-fuller C/soft V

Board radius: ~10-12"

Truss rod: adjustable

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: medium

Scale length: 25 1/2"

Nut width: 1 11/16"

Body width: 12 1/2"

Body depth: 1 3/4"

Condition notes: there's some scratching here and there on the front, back, and edges of the body but it doesn't distract and it's not deep -- it's just been played. There are a few small scuffs here and there, too. The whammy cavity's backplate has a chip-out on one corner. The hardware has oxidized a bit. The Fender decal on the front of the headstock has started to get a bit icky. The serial number at the headstock does not seem to comply with normal numbering systems, but the neck itself is stamped 1992. It's all-original, too.

It comes with: an apparently-original (or period) Fender hard case and whammy bar.