2005 Gibson SG Supreme Electric Guitar

This SG was just in for some lighter work -- a fret level/dress, setup, and replacement bits in its wiring harness -- but I had to snap a few pics because it's cool.

There's definitely a part of all of our interior little kids that sees something like this and responds... "Yesssss I want!" The adult brain often shuts that down, though, unfortunately.

It's not the typical sort of guitar I might be attracted to, but when you have it in the hand it's lightweight, feels really comfortable, has a solid build, quick neck, and stupidly-fast handling. The pickups are on the hotter side of vintage-sounding humbuckers, though, so it's not going to do that almost-jangly sound you can get from late-'60s or early-'70s SGs at the bridge pickup. It's a bit more creamy and up-front than that.

It's been lived-in a bit, too, with a ton of pickwear to the treble side of the pickups on the top and it has various light scratches throughout. The hardware is surprisingly-pitted for its age, but that goes along with the gigging life and lots of use. I know a few guys who go through bridge hardware like crazy...