Local Flavor: Rainbows, Smores, Harvest Fair, Museum

Yep, that rainbow was a good one the other night! After dinner, we popped outside to gawk at it -- though I never seem to find gold in the river (where it always seems to end). I suppose I could walk up its length into Asgard, though.

Unfortunately, I'm like a kid with the gadgets. Or maybe I am a big kid with gadgets? I couldn't help but hit "time lapse" while we settled-in for a small fire and smores. I was happy that the kids didn't notice until half-way through sparkler-time. Did I mention the blue fairy fire hovering-about? Ohhh, weird lens stuff.

In other news, the Rochester Harvest Fair is coming soon -- September 11th. Details can be had by clicking here. It's right on the park in town and it's always fun. I do sound every year for it and this year the jam group is back in force and playing the opening slot around 10 AM. I might be playing a short set later-on, too, but I'm not sure, yet.

Above is another video of an old song of mine that I forgot to post on.

I also finally updated the museum -- bringing entries to current, adding some pages, better-organizing some, merging others -- and am on a mission to simply continually update as I go along with the posts. It's fast and easy to do that, now.

Future goals are to better-organize the repair and info links at the bottom of the page as well as go back and start adding instruments that never made it into the museum years ago. When I first started adding to the museum, I just skipped anything I felt was not particularly interesting at the time -- meaning more-modern instruments, mostly. Sometimes that information can be very useful to folks, though, as I've come to realize.

There are a number of articles about instrument build ID that I've started accumulating information for -- but time is certainly no on my side to get it done, hah hah. We'll see as we go into the colder months.