Local Flavor: Too Much, Too Much

Bonnie had a doctor's appointment up at UVM early on Monday so we packed the family up and drove-off to Burlington to have a day up there. Twice in the space of a month! That's a new record for us.

Above you can see the kids and myself on our pirate-boat log. We were taking turns being Champ and trying to drown one another by spinning our victims off the log. Mama caught this photo, of course.

She also caught this stupidly-pretty highway shot on the way home from Connecticut... last week? It feels like forever -- the shop days have been so long lately. We were riding home and I said, "take a shot! See those clouds?"

While she was at the doctor's, the kids and I drank smoothies (mine was coffee) and ate cookies at Muddy Waters around the corner from Church Street. I think we were almost the first ones in.

Monsters shared brunchfast with us.

Meanwhile, down at the waterfront, the ducks have been busy making sculptures.

I snapped a few in our garden on Sunday, though. I love cabbage white butterflies.

These are thimbleberries that I collected out back in the woods. I cut some smaller trees down behind the shop and house and we got a huge thimbleberry patch that replaced them. The birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and humans living-about don't mind at all.

The morning glories are out, too...

...and I swear that the one on the right, covered in stardust-like pollen, looks like a wormhole. Those colors!

That night, I couldn't get the kids to stop blathering, so I popped the chapter-book we're reading at the moment on my head and repeated, "I just buy books as hats, yes, yes, I just buy books as hats because no one will be quiet to hear the story..."

I might be losing it a little. It's been a long summer so far.


Phillips said…
What !!!Should have done some good old fashioned log rolling..😜
Ben Jackson said…
Happy to see that you and Bonnie are taking some family time with your girls. You’ll remember those adventures so fondly
Michael Mulkern said…
I guess all those neck resets, refrets, bridge reglues and crack repairs will have to wait a while longer. :D