Local Flavor: Site Updates, Closed Saturday, Harvest Fair

Alright, so it hasn't all been reading books in hammocks. In fact, this shot is from the first 25 minutes or so I've had to just relax and read all summer. That's life for you!

I was doing a lot of cleaning-up in the physical shop tonight (you know -- customer cases begin to be stacked in the most dangerous of ways if left untended) and after I was done I did a bit of digital cleaning, too.

I've been doing more Workshop posts and so I decided to organize a dedicated posts list for that on the Museum page as well.

I'd also been asked by a few folks to organize my Local Flavor posts, so I've also made a dedicated list of those, too.

Both new features, as well as a simplified reference library of other old posts, can be found at the bottom of the Museum page.

I'm going to keep-up my new habit of simply updating the museum pages when I do my blog posts. It's keeping things under a bit more control now that everything's streamlined.

What else?

We will be closed on Saturday the 11th because it's our town's Harvest Fair. I'll be doing sound all day and Bonnie will be set-up with her crafts as well. It's only a mile and a half from our shop building so if you need me for an emergency or something, show-up near the stage. Our jam group plays around 10:30-11:00 and my buddy Todd & I will be jamming electric-drone-wise around 3:20.

As always, there's some great gear coming up shortly both for repair and for sale.


Michael Mulkern said…
Glad you can take advantage of the beautiful weather. Have fun at the fair.