Workshop: Summer/Winter Saddles, Clamp Fest, Parrot Vice, Etc.

Above, you can see the dramatic difference in height between the summer (low) and winter (tall) saddles for this 10+ year-old Blueridge guitar. Granted, the owner probably does not hydrate his instruments as well as he should and Vermont is bone-dry in winter if you don't, but you get the gist.

This is why, when the seasons change and people are freaking-out about action height shifting, I tend to roll my eyes because the instruments simply suck-up and spit-out moisture and the tops thus swell up and contract down with the weather.

Just for a note -- both these saddles were for a "standard" setup of 3/32" bass height and 1/16" treble height for the strings at the 12th fret.

Next-up is, "how many clamps fit in a soundhole?"

This '60s Guild 12-string is getting seams repaired, a bridge reglued, a neck reset, and bracing reglued all at the same time.

Here's what was under a replacement bridge on that '27 Martin 2-17 -- a patched-in bit of wood and a fault-line/crunched-up section.

My friend Rob gifted/traded me a nice parrot vice which I promptly mounted on the left side of my bench. Here I'm rough-carving a wooden mouse (in the style asked-for) for my youngest, Elsa. She painted it pink and it's way too cute, now.

My buddy Gus Bloch showed-and-told this flier from his band in the early '80s -- they played '50s rock in greaser style. He's the bassist on the right and in the center is our State Senator Dick McCormick!

Also, it was my b'day on Saturday and thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! Here's the lemon cake we had after dinner -- made by myself and also a pair of little hands -- she's responsible for the neat roses.


Unknown said…
Mr.Wildwood,I was hoping u could point me in the right direction as I have seen a 12 string that u own,a Yamaha FG-260,and I own one but I'm having a problem finding a bone saddle for it so any help would be greatly appreciated,Thank you for your time sir and may u have a Blessed Day,Russell Guy