1951 Gibson ES-125 Archtop Electric Guitar

Ya know, I'll never get tired of ES-125s. Every variant is just as classic as the original -- this style. They all handle beautifully, they all sound grand (or cranky if they want to be), and they've all got charm up the wazoo. This one was just in for a fret level/dress and setup for its owner, and that's just what it got -- plus a set of Thomastik flats.

Everything is original on the guitar, though it's missing its pickguard. The body is ply maple throughout (though the sides are solid) while the neck is mahogany and the fretboard and bridge are rosewood. It even has the cool old-style cylindrical knobs, too.

P90s of this era can vary quite a bit and this one is more in the "loose, wooly" category. It's warm and fuzzy but has some good bite in the top-end. I would love to hear it through fresh 500k pots and wiring, though!