1963 Silvertone 1449 (Danelectro) 5w 1x8" Tube Amp (Part 2)

I posted about this cool, Danelectro-made, Sears Silvertone-issued "amp-in-guitar-case" back in September, but since then I've replaced the speaker (the original one was moved-over to the other one of these I had in the shop at the time), added a 3-prong power cable, and flipped the grill cloth to the "clean" side so it looks a little nicer.

Said speaker-swap is a same-period, original-spec Jensen and... it sounds just the same as it did before.

This guy comes with its original footswitch(!) and the case, amp, tubes, etc. are all in good order. The tubes themselves appear to be original, too, and mostly have Silvertone branding. Neat!

My one gripe with this amp is that the tremolo sound is very weak. I'm guessing that it might just need a tube swap or a look-over by someone more used to the circuit. Otherwise the amp works as it should and, depending on how you place it in a room or how far the case hinge is opened-up, can give you a variety of garage-rock, old-school tones.

Just in case you didn't know -- the whole point of this amp is that it's supposed to fit a Silvertone 1457 (Danelectro-made) guitar, though it will also fit some other electrics as well. A Strat or Tele does not fit, as they're about 1" too long. I haven't tried it, but I imagine a Mustang or Duo-Sonic would probably fit it just fine.