1990s Deering Maple Blossom Resonator 5-String Banjo

This is a late-'90s Deering Maple Blossom that was just in for a quick setup. It's a heavy-duty bluegrass-style instrument and definitely has that steely, bridge-pickup Telecaster-style response I think of Deerings as having in general. To my ears that means it has a lot of "crank" in the treble and mids but a peculiar twangy depth to the notes.

At any rate, it's been well-kept but definitely played in its time. As per the usual, I compensated the bridge, adjusted the coordinator rods and head tension, and set it up as best as it could play minus a fret level/dress.

If you're thinking on one of these, keep in mind that it's definitely on the heavier side of banjo-land and well into bluegrass territory. You'll need a big, wide strap to keep from feeling it later-on in a set.