1999 Tacoma Thunderchief CB10 Acoustic Bass Guitar

So, it turns-out that YouTube has no decent video of a Thunderchief where you can actually hear what one sounds like. These are great bass guitars so that's kind-of a shame. Hence... this show-and-tell.

This guy was in here for reglues to all of its back braces and a couple of its top ones. I don't know why but Tacomas of all types always wind-up with some sort of structural needs as they age. I tend to think it's because they get used a lot as gigging workhorses and it's just wear and tear and too many climate shifts under their belts.

These basses are built pretty light in the top and that's why they sound as good as they do. These are easily loud enough to play with a few other folks acoustically and that's especially true if you thump it with a pick in Violent Femmes fashion.

Aside from old Guild B-50s, these are one of the only acoustic bass guitars I might entertain the thought of going out of my way to acquire.