2001 Squier Affinity Precision Bass

This is just a show-and-tell as this was only here for a glorified setup -- there are a ton of Squier Affinity basses out there but most videos have these suckers played through bottom-feeder amps so how would you know what one sounds like?

My first bass was a Squier Jazz and this Squier Precision is in the same league as that one -- practical, good-sounding, and no-frills. This particular bass is Chinese-made, has a fast (and stable, thankfully) neck, and a pickup that sounds... like a P. Go figure!

I had to replace the knobs (it only had one original that didn't want to stay put) and a good upgrade would be to swap the controls, but what's there works and sounds fine so why worry?

I will say that you must be really careful when hunting these instruments used. A good amount of them have warped and/or twisted necks as they age-out in poor storage and whatnot.

Also note that these have the Bronco-bass-style cheapy tuners. They work just fine but don't have the more deluxe, heavy-duty feel of standard-size "elephant ear" bass tuners.