2001 Taylor 314KCE Flattop Guitar


I worked on the same model and same year instrument back in 2019 and there's nothing in that blog post that this one would do much to add to, so this is basically a "check out that pretty box" post as it's a customer's guitar passing through the shop.

This one has the same fancy, figured koa on the back and sides and it's just as easy to service -- I'm a fan of the "10 minute neck reset" functionality of the Taylor neck joints.

All this one needed was a fret level/dress, crack cleating/sealing work on the top, and a setup to be on its merry way after 20 years of hard playing and delayed maintenance. Not bad...


Tim Dempsey said…
Such great depth in the figuring, the other 2001 kce will likely look like this one eventually! Makes me think I didn't let it out of the case enough :) it'll get there though!