2005 Yamaha Pacifica 112 Electric Guitar

This is another "show and tell" post -- Yamaha Pacificas are everywhere. This one was in for a glorified setup and I just wanted to comment on these guitars because every time one is in for setup work I think to myself, "that's a solid design!"

I mean, it's clearly a Strat rip-off but every one of these I've played has been a sturdy, functional instrument. The necks are comfy and quick as well as (for the most part) stable, the electronics are simplified, and the jack is stuck on the side in the "usual place."

For the more budget-oriented picker, these are great guitars to have in the arsenal -- and used ones are so cheap it's hard not to have one if you can.

A bonus? This guy has a nicely-flamed hunk of maple for its neck.