2010s John Mannino (Lumber City Guitars) Dreadnought Guitar

Mr. Mannino builds a mean guitar, for sure. This beaut is, I think, a build from around 2010 or so, judging by the wear and tear from lots of "show use." It looks distinctly like a '70s-era boutique box and, sound-wise, it's like a perfect cross between a '70s Gurian and a '70s Martin D-28. It's crisp and clean-sounding but has that rosewood-sounding velvety "burr" to its voice. A mellowed "balance" to all the notes plus a consistent decay is what makes me think of this having a Gurian Ghost somewhere inside.

In any case, road travel was not kind to this box, though it's held-up quite well. I needed to give this a fret level/dress and glorified setup, but now that it's done it plays like a champ.

It sports a solid spruce top with scalloped x-bracing, solid rosewood back and sides, a mahogany neck, and ebony fretboard and bridge. Both the nut and saddle are bone and it has nice, flamed maple binding. It's classy.