Local Flavor: Falls of Lana Trail

We spend a lot of time over at Lake Dunmore during most summers, but not nearly as much in fall. The trail for the Falls of Lana (and, by extension, trails that run up into the Moosalamoo area and Silver Lake) is only a fraction of a mile from the Branbury State Park beachside but I'd never been on it. My inlaws had been some years ago and I was always sort-of jealous that I'd never gone.

So, week or so ago, we tortured the kids and walked up to the waterfall and then beyond it up to the shores of one of my favorite spots in the area -- Silver Lake -- but on the "back side" of it that I'd never been to before.

If you look carefully you can see some cold-weather swimmers in the lower pools of the falls.

The lighting was gorgeous that day, too.

Here's up at Silver Lake.

There's this dam in that area of the lake that feeds a pipe that runs down to a hydro-power project right next to the State Park entrance. The whole family had fun playing-around this structure and its spillway.

Brownie-points if you can spot Oona in this pic above...

Here's the pipe that runs from Silver Lake down towards Lake Dunmore and the hydro power station.

 And last, here's a snapshot from a couple weeks ago when I was doing a late grocery shopping. I love the golden sunsets this time of year.