Local Flavor: Happy Halloween Yet Again!

Bonnie worked really hard on both older sister's bat outfit and her own luna moth outfit and meanwhile, I scrounged-up this terrible guitar devil outfit in 15 minutes or so from junk laying-about in the workshop. The devil mask is my trusty old Ecuadorian one -- hand-carved and wooden -- but I finally put a nice "harness" on it so it's not such a pain to wear. My friend Stewart found the old Harmony archtop top locally and my "tie" is an old '60s psychedelic guitar strap.

"I will make you an offer your can't refuse! Come on down to Guitar Devil and pick out your next big terror!"

The jack-o-lanterns were equally abstractified this year, heh heh. On the left is Elsa's "cat loaf" silhouette. Mine is supposed to be a jack smoking a bubble pipe but that tanked. Bonnie's tiny one is a luna moth. Oona's simple-and-useful jack on the right might be the only one recognizable, though! Oh my...

Here we are struggling to get a photo on a tripod in the rain. Yes, it seems to pour buckets every year at Halloween just in time for trick-or-treating.

My father-in-law Bob's Halloween display continues to impress visitors.