Local Flavor: Painting & More Painting

My mission to get the trim mostly painted on the building is at an end for the season. The rest will have to wait until spring -- but at this point I've gone from the store side all the way to the barn doors, so not much is left to do save top-level cream and... oh no... the underside of the porch roof!

The happiest moment was putting final touches on the "flowers" that crown each post of the shop's porch. They wound-up looking a bit Egyptian or deco or nouveau or something, but I was so glad to be done with this stretch of the work and it both makes me smile when I see them and I've noticed 4 or 5 cars pull-over and snap pictures so far. Who knew!

I'll tell ya -- painting anything over ragged barnboard while up on a ladder is... not fun.

In other news, I did get some fun painting work in as well. Above is a Romanian-costume kitty that's accompanying a Romanian-built acoustic bass guitar into its next waypoint in life.


Michael Mulkern said…
Jake, your talents extend far beyond the realm of restoring neglected fretted instruments. Those colorful floral motifs atop the porch posts are straight out of a coffee table tome on Egyptian Revivalism.
Rob Gardner said…
You know Jake, I always thought you start acting like a Romanian when you play that bass at a jam. You start talking about the best bars in Bucharest and how much you don’t miss Ceausescu. That and the little Romanian folk dances you do while playing…