1924 Buescher True Tone "Low Pitch" Alto Saxophone

Oh, if only I could play sax! This guy looks great and, per my own investigation and the owner's comments, it's definitely been gone-through in recent memory with new/refreshed pads and felt all around. It appears to be in good order and comes with all sorts of goodies -- not the least being a nice early '30s Otto Link "Master Link" mouthpiece -- worth a bit of cash on its own.

In my exhausted brain I forgot to take a shot of the model mark and serial number, but it's stamped True Tone "Low Pitch" on the butt-end of the bell and has serial number 161205 which places it at 1924 as far as I can tell.

I wish I knew more about saxes, but this one looks to be pretty decent (these are considered advanced student or mid-grade instruments, I believe) with its pearl-inlaid buttons and well-made fittings. The keys all operate easily and the cork looks like it was re-done as well.

It comes with an old strap, a new strap, and one of those fabric-style slings. It also has that nice Otto Link mouthpiece as well as a D'Addario one and a couple boxes of reeds with a few left -- one set at hardness 2 and the other at 3. The case is much more recent but good to go.


CM said…

I can't see a saxophone without thinking o this one