1962 Gretsch Tennessean Hollowbody Electric Guitar

I've had a half-dozen choice vintage Gretsch hollowbodies in for this or that in the last few months but I haven't had time to snag a video and pics. It's been driving me crazy! This time I made sure to shoot photos and grab a video as soon as I was done with it because... who wouldn't want to share this treat? It's as good as maple syrup on a banana-pecan pan-a-cake!

All I had to do this time was level and dress the frets, re-align the tailpiece, and set it all up. I'd love to see a compensated bridge on it, but this original one works just fine so it stays. The guitar itself is all-original save for a hair of overspray on the back plus the addition of a "back pad" on the back as well. The HiLoTron pickups sound great and snappy as you might expect, with that weird, honky-tonk, greasy twang thing going-on.

It's lightweight, has the 24 1/2"-ish (I can't recall exactly) short scale length, and a fast neck. Who doesn't like the reverse-painted silver trim, too?