1984 Martin D-35 20th Anniversary Dreadnought Guitar

Yeah, how's this thing sound, huh? This is one of the better D-35s I've played in a long while and it's rocking 11s or 10s -- per the owner's preference -- at the moment. A combination of light bracing and lots of play has really opened this guitar up.

It was in for a mix of work -- bridge reglue, fret level/dress, crack repairs, and whatnot -- and while it played pretty close when it arrived, it's now playing like a champ. The owner had destroyed his frets with many years of wear and tear and traveling-about. He told me some good stories about adventures on Greek islands and whatnot -- and it looks about like it may have had to stare down Polyphemus at one point!

A label in the soundhole proudly states this to be a "20th Anniversary" version of the split-back D-35 model and a stamp at the neckblock proclaims it to be chock full of Brazilian rosewood, which it is. It's one respectable-looking guitar, for sure.