2010s Vox AC4TV 1x10" 4w Tube Amp

Another one?! I've had three of this same amp over the years and I love them every time they're here. I just got traded this last month or so by my friend Ed but I just got offered the head version of this amp in trade (which will fit better with how I have this in my recording setup) so I'm playing catch and release again -- this guy's available.

It's currently entirely stock except the tubes have been replaced with Sovtek ones. I'd had some fancy TAD tubes in it for a bit, using a low-output 12AY7 in the preamp portion of the amp rather than a 12AX7 to get a lot more clean headroom (it was still dang loud operating at 4W, mind you), but I've stowed those away for the incoming head.

That preamp tube swap -- 12AX7 to 12AY7 -- is great if what you're wanting is to get a bit more jangle without it going into overdriven territory too fast. The "factory" setup with a 12AX7 puts this thing into drive very quickly which makes it killer to record driven music, though. I recorded all the guitar in We Met in Debt on a mic'd AC4TV just like this one but with an even lower-output 12AU7 in the preamp setting -- plus a JHS Alpine reverb.

Suffice to say, I like these amps. Low-watt tube is lovely for recording and even better if you're into rootsy music or lower stage volume. These AC4TV models are the best of the not-super-expensive modern AC4s, I think, too, because they include an onboard attenuator that lets you step down from 4W power to 1W or 1/4W power. This is extremely useful when recording mic'd while having a family, for instance! -- or for practicing with a decent driven tone and not driving your cohabitants crazy.

This one's in good shape with just a few minor scuffs and a few nicks in the tolex. It's frankly dang clean for one of these.


Reese said…
Absolutely NOTHING wrong with the sounds of We Met in Debt.
Jeremy said…
I've got one of these (and also the master volume one with the 12 inch speaker). For the AC4TV I built a 24"x12"x12" pine extension cabinet with a 12" Celestion Seventy80. With the ext cabinet it makes it useable for a bigger space, i.e. the lowest watt setting is now the one you use at home, where before this setting was pretty quiet, it just bumps it up another level, and the acoustics of the cabinet add quite a bit to the sound.