2020 Suhr Reactive Load IR Direct Out DI Box for Tube Amps

I bought this Suhr Reactive Load IR in October 2020 and have been using it with my Tone King for silent recording at night ever since. It feels great, sounds great, and has lived only in a smoke-free, home environment. I only used it once live. It's "as-new" aside from a few scratches on the top plate where I'd set-down my little Aguilar head from time to time.

I'm including a little "on-off" extender plug as well as the power supply. This lets you keep the unit plugged in but gives it an "on/off" switch -- otherwise this is "always-on" if you leave it plugged-in and idle. If I can find the original box I will also include that, though it's likely it's disappeared into Attic Lost Land forever!

I have the factory IRs still on it -- I like them a lot, especially the variations on No 1 and No 4 -- and it's extra, extra-convenient to have them direct on a physical device like this so you can easily switch between voicings really fast without having to delve deep into your recording software.

Why am I selling? I need to move to something that handles more than just 8-ohm speaker-outs as I'm finding myself using 16 ohm Vox and 4 ohm oddities now and then, too.

There's plenty of demos of these being used online, but if you want to hear how it sounds recorded in my hands, search-up "Jake Wildwood Space Mermaids of Europa" (or click here) on your preferred streaming service -- all the electric parts are on a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe recorded silently with this guy.