Local Flavor: Tree Time

It's that time to grab a tree over at Werner Tree Farm again! Bonnie had eyes larger than her... living room? ...at first, but just like in politics, we committeed ourself into this tree, which is perfectly acceptable and looks great. Elsa, though, wanted both a smaller one and also a larger one, but not this one... and by larger I mean about 50' high.

As a certified idiot, I like to pose like this and then get roasted by the tree farm on Instagram. I win.

Later, down the street in Middlebury proper, we all wandered-around in the park while we had treats from the new, swanky, hip coffee-shop that's just opened-up. Their espresso is killer, it looks like they're roasting their own, and the kids loved the hot chocolate and cookies.

Folks, do buy some stuff from them if you're out in Middlebury by chance. The coffee shops in that location always need the business and it'd be sad to see another one go down and these guys are doing things right.

Meanwhile, here's one from around Thanksgiving I forgot about -- these are the guys that escaped, I suppose.

The kids also shot their first BBs while we were visiting family. I'm by no means a firearms supporter, owner, or stumper, but I had tons of fun with this very Daisy lever-pump BB gun doing target practice in our woods when I was a kid. It has the same appeal as playing pool to me. It also gets them trained in the rudiments of "don't even point this thing at anything living" expertise.

My Mom also finally relented and let me take home my (her... and her great grandma's...) old 1920s kid-size longbow (an old York lemonwood one) that I used to use as a kid, too. The kids and I have been going-through old wood-shafted arrows that we've had via my inlaws up here at the store ever since, though I do need to spend a little time making a proper target. We've got plenty of straw...!

I've gotta say, though -- shooting on a traditional bow does make one feel like an idiot until you get the hang of things again. See photo number 2.


Michael Mulkern said…
Your xmas tree looks like the perfect shape and size. Bet it smells great too. Hope you and your family have a ton of fun decorating it.