1910s Wurlitzer (Leedy) 15x3" Snare Drum

Here's another as-is drum ready for its next victim! This one has a 1930s George B. Stone repair label inside but it's branded Wurlitzer on the top hoop and was likely made by Leedy for the company (say a couple vintage drum gurus, of which I am not).

It's all-maple in construction and has an old skin head on the beater side that's intact but a torn skin on the snare side. Luckily, it still has its throw-off and snare wires as well. For whatever reason, these period bits are often missing.

As for period...? Around 1910? ...says my gut. If this were mine I'd be tempted to stick a couple of Renaissance heads on it and get it ready for a show. The shell is 15x3" but the overall depth with the hoops is more like 4" or so.