1920s Ditson (Lyon & Healy) 17x10" Field Snare Drum

This is an "as-is" drum sourced from my friend Tom S who lives up the hill from me. It's labeled "Oliver Ditson, Boston" and "Made by Lyon & Healy" in Chicago. I'm guesstimating it dates from the mid-1920s and it has a ply-maple rim, two original skin heads, and what appears to be most of its hardware save the throw-off and snare wires. It was used as a bass drum, apparently, for some time and has a bass beater with sliding leather "mute" for its end. Neat!

The rim measures 17" x 10" and with the tension hoops on either side that adds up to an overall depth of 12" or so.

So -- use it as it is? Throw new heads on it? Add some snare equipment for the snare-side? It has the windows to allow the snares if desired. Tonally it has a "boomy small bass" or "boomy deep tom" sound at the moment. I imagine it'd be pretty dramatic as a snare.

I can't tell but the beater-side head looks like it has a repaired section or maybe just double-thick section for striking on.