1979 Guild D-25 Dreadnought Guitar

I tend to think of Guild D-25s as mahogany-top ("hog top") models, but from '76 and onwards these were apparently built in this style -- like a Guild-man's D-18 with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides with an arched back. That just goes to show how being vintage-focused skews one's perception of the world.

This one is owned by a local and was in for the "usual stuff" an old Guild might need. In this case it got a neck reset, fret level/dress, bridge reglue, new bone saddle, and seam and hairline crack repair work. It was definitely overdue for the work but -- surprise, surprise! -- after repairs it's quite the hum-dinger with a punchy, forward, biting tone that's creamy in the lower-mids.

This was the last "major repair" of 2021 and I spent most of my last week before the holidays running around like a headless chicken trying to get setup-side stuff done for local folks and ship out any sales... so it was nice to have a longer-term patient come to health again in the midst of that.

As you'd expect for a Guild -- specs are long scale (25 1/2") and with a slim-depth, flattish-radius, C-shaped neck profile. The body is as big and cumbersome as a Martin dreadnought, too, but with more weight due to the ply-back construction. It's x-braced, per the usual.