Local Flavor: Midbreak Doings

Well, Happy New Year everyone! I've been enjoying my winter break thoroughly so far. The kids go back to school on Monday and so I'll be more in the workshop, soon, but I've been having fun completely ignoring the world and all of its pressures since Xmas Eve. I know I can't stay in this bubble forever but it has been very-much needed. Thank you all for being patient with your projects!

These first two shots are of Blueberry Lake up in Warren, VT. We used to go there in summer all the time to swim and canoe, but the last few years we've been mostly over at Lake Dunmore instead. I've never been in winter and so it was high time we took a walk to see it and... isn't that lovely? The iced-in island in the first shot is pretty fun.

Here's an obligatory wintertime shot of Moss Glen Falls up above Granville, VT. Natural ice cathedrals!

This smaller falls is what we call Little Moss Glen Falls as it's on the same short turnout off Route 100.

A couple days later we went sledding with local friends up next to a gravel pit. It was slushy and we got a little sore on some rocks but who can beat that view?

Meanwhile, Rosie continues to be a complete ham under the Xmas tree.