New Album: The Fire Handlers of Mercury

It's time for the next installment in the instrumental adventures of the Sublight String Band. This time the crew is on Mercury at the request of the Minister of the roving Nomad City. They'll try to attempt to solve a murder mystery and wind-up in a few hot spots in the process.

For the gear-curious among us, I'll post a bit about the process and the toys used later this week, but for the moment I hope you enjoy the album!

It's not yet up on all the streaming services (it should be on Apple and Spotify in the next few days to week), but you can listen to it and download it in high quality at my SoundCloud page right now:


Dave in CO said…
Nice work, Jake! Americana into the space age.

I am always impressed with how much you are able to accomplish. Look forward to hearing how you put it together.
pretty sure I saw the SAME SPACESHIP on Europa! dude gets around!