Vintage Flavor: Around the UK (2003)

Here's Cornwall in the summer of '03 -- one of my favorite places to be on a walk, as the coastal path is gorgeous.

Forgive the old-generation digital camera quality -- though I have tried to pretty-up the images where possible and get them back to more "true colors." Do you remember the days when we had to watch battery usage like hawks and our memory cards would fill up stupidly-fast?

Next-up are a few scenes from Thurso in Scotland -- almost at the opposite side of the UK from the last shots.

I took a nap in this grass and was woken-up by a pestilence of jackdaws chatting around me.

Now we're in Shrewsbury (above).

This riverside slice of pastel heaven is near Llanbedr in Wales.

These idiotically-green stands of wood-and-pasture are in Wales, too! I couldn't believe how green the undergrowth is in most of the UK woods. On the East Coast of the US, the forest floor is mostly just mulched leaves or pine needles if the trees are tall enough or just scrubby knee-tripping bushes if not.

Last but not least, here are some shots around Aviemore in Scotland.