Vintage Flavor: Scenic New Mexico (2007)

In '07 Bonnie and I went out to visit my Dad in New Mexico. Above is on the way from his area to Santa Fe, as I recall.

This one's in that direction, too, I think. To my eyes this could be the highlands of Ecuador, too... mountains and high desert with a bit of snow and huge skies.

Alright -- so this is right up near my Dad's place north of Cuba (in Lindrith -- really Gavilan).

You might as well be at the bottom of the ocean, right? ...because you are, but millions of years a bit too late. There are fossil fish scales, turtle shell fragments, various bones, and whatnot all over the place.

Crossing over the mountains on bumpy forest roads was totally gut-destroying for Bonnie but dang was it gorgeous. Mountain jays were everywhere and I'm a huge sucker for tall pines.