1996 Martin 000M Flattop Guitar

While this was here awaiting pick-up I figured I'd snap some shots and do a quick video. People ask me about what I think of these all the time as they somewhat regularly pop-up on Craigslist and FB Marketplace around here for sale.

To put it plainly: these are no-frills, easier-on-the-budget instruments but they get you a lot of the "Martin sound" plus a modern neck profile and handling. While it looks like a satin-finished 000-18 in its way, it has a long, dreadnought-style 25 3/8" scale length that actually makes it more of an OM. Under the hood, the bracing is still an x-pattern, but there are no tonebars on the lower bout and instead it has an expanded bridge plate.

These changes to the bracing give it a much warmer, somewhat louder, and mellower sound  compared to actual 000 "standard" models, but they tend to lose mids and top-end clarity and snap. Also, as they age, some of these get a huge amount of belly behind the bridge while others (like this one) seem to hold-up just fine.

Bottom line: they're good guitars and have a nice sound for folk-strumming and mellow-sounding fingerpicking. Just check to be sure that the neck heel is firmly attached (they're bolted tenon joints) and that the belly behind the bridge is not extreme if you're in the market for one.