2012 Voyage-Air VAOM-02CNA OM-style Cutaway Travel Guitar

I've heard about Voyage-Air guitars but never had the opportunity to try one until this sucker arrived for a customer setup and saddle. So, let's cut to the chase -- despite having a neck that literally folds in half on a hinge over the body so it can pack into a small case, this guitar sounds better than average than a whole heap of choice OM-model instruments that I recall coming through the shop in the last year or so.

It's got a crisp, clean sound, tons of sustain, a lot of volume, and easy handling. It's a winner.

I also appreciate the builder's use of a zero fret (that's sized properly) and an elegant (instead of wonky-looking) Schoenberg-esque cutaway shape. The saddle had to be on the tall side but I expect that as this gets to summer conditions and back to being full of moisture it may need to come down.

I'm not certain I got the model correct, but this one is a solid rosewood back/sides variant with a spruce top, mahogany neck, and ebony fittings elsewhere. It doesn't have the electronics cut into the side (thankee gods) and so it retains a classic look.

The 25 1/2" scale length is on the longer side.


Unknown said…
They are great guitars! I own a VA-OM04 and I'd be happy to own this one if the owner ever decides to part with it.