Gear Influx: Aguilar Bass Amps & Quilter Cub

UPDATE 4/14: This is all sold except for the Quilter Aviator Cub. Yikes!

There's a whole heap of nice new amplification in-house and I'll get it listed in the shop soon -- but if you don't see it and want it, give me a buzz or text.

First-off, a consignor dropped-by a set of near-mint Aguilar gear -- both a Tone Hammer 350 bass head (the same kind I use and love) and a Tone Hammer 500 bass head and their associated bags, speakon speaker cables, and power cables -- as well as a pair of standard black/silver SL112 1x12"-plus-tweeter cabs. These are also the same cab type that I use with my Tone Hammer. They're ridiculously lightweight and sound phenomenal. It's a treat every time I use my own because I can stuff my head and cables in my bass gigbag and simply shoulder my bass and amp and grab my speaker in one hand.

He bought all of this equipment just pre-pandemic and then the band he was going to use it in folded right away. This was intended to be a 2-cab, TH-500 setup with the TH-350 as a backup unit. It can all be mixed and matched however one desires, of course, depending on what one wants to grab. All of the equipment is near-mint, but he's added feet to the side of the cabs (a good idea) so that the cabs don't get scuffed-up on "carry" orientation. There's only the lightest wear on all of this kit.

Next-up, I'm selling my Quilter Aviator Cub 50w combo amp. I'm going to be moving to cab/head instead of a combo (controls are easier to get at on a front panel load in the shop) and will be going for a different Quilter head to pair with the new cab -- I'm a sucker for these amps and I never thought I would be. They're easy to enjoy. This thing is fun, powerful, and versatile and I used it (DI-out, silent speaker) for all of the guitar parts on my last record, The Fire Handlers of Mercury, plus various pedals. It's "near-mint" as well and essentially new and with a cover.

So, here are the photos of the incoming batch...