Local Flavor: Double Rainbow

We get an awful lot of double rainbows down our valley, it seems. This was just the other day around dinner time. It's nice to have warmer weather and a bit of rain to perk all the growing bits up. We have a bird feeder near our living-room window now, too, so we're suddenly getting a good haul of songbirds for the cats to gaze at longingly out the window -- cardinals, robins, tons of chickadees, sparrows, vireos, nuthatches -- you name it.

I just bought a bunch of maple sugar candy for the shop as well -- and to sneak into outgoing packages now and then.

I have a nice speaker cab/amp head on the way that will be serving for electric store-demo work and this is a good, simple, easily-EQ-able drive pedal to go along with it. More on that new setup later...

Meanwhile, on the home front, Rosie has been helping me tile upstairs. I'm only getting an hour here and an hour there to work on it, but it's starting to look more like the finished product every day.

This is from a few days ago but it gives you an idea of the look. The walls above the tile will get a pretty, '20s/'30s deco-like green-blue paint color to highlight the color of the glass tiles that wrap around the room. Why am I sharing? Perhaps to stave-off insanity. The actual tiling is pretty fun but the prep and layout was brutal. I'm glad I did it, though, because otherwise I would have to think a lot more while placing this stuff.



Michael Mulkern said…
Next time you see one, quicly follow it to the end. There you will find a router, orbital sander, drill press, jigsaw, C-clamp and miscelleneous files.
Jake Wildwood said…
Waiiiiit a minute, you're saying that if I follow it to the end I wind-up back here???