Local Flavor: Easter Travels

Last week we were down in Connecticut visiting family -- including a pair of new twin nieces -- and doing the "Easter Stuff." You know -- colorful eggs, too much candy, lots of coffee with my Mom, sneaking jellybeans hidden in Bonnie's shoulder bag, driving-around so much I felt I'd grown wheels, playing board games -- that sort-of stuff.

These psychedelic shots are taken through the mirrors on "gazing balls" or "garden globes" or "whateveryacallem" at my inlaws' place. Why not? I mean... the resulting photos look like my memory of the days.

It was chill over the weekend but the flowers were still making a good show of it.

The forsythia at my Mom's place is turning into its own jungle. I'm impressed and a little envious.

However, the morning after we got back to Vermont looked like this in our garden. Sometimes it feels like you can't catch a break, huh?