1920s Stromberg-Voisinet (Kay) Mahogany Electrified Rubber-Bridge Parlor Guitar

Above: electric clip

Above: acoustic clip

Alright -- here's the last in the latest run of rubber-bridge guitars -- and one done-up for a customer per request. This one's the nicest, too, being a mid-'20s, solid-mahogany, 0-sized guitar with all sorts of pretty trim and a tropical/Hawaiian scene decal on the lower-bout. It's ladder-braced, 24"-ish in scale, and has the usual big-V, flat-fretboard neck profile. An original (German-stamped) ebony pyramid bridge is a nice touch, though, too.

This got the usual repair work -- a neck reset, fret level/dress, side dots, new nut, etc. -- and then I fit a soundhole pickup (Duncan Cool Rails for Strat) and custom mount (tortoise), relocated the bridge pins on the bridge, cut it for a (compensated) rubber saddle, and then fit the wiring harness in. I like how the bracing allowed me to fit the controls just to the treble of the bridge and so avoid destroying the cool decal right under them.

Tonewise, it's of course a winner -- a friend of mine was in the shop while all of these latest rubber-bridgers were still here and this was his favorite of the bunch. It might have to do with it looking so cool, though, too.