1970s Casa Jaimes (Mexico) Classical Guitar

This little beaut was made in Taxco, Mexico -- and probably in the late '60s or early '70s. It was traded to me yesterday for $200 worth of credit and, in that happenstance way, I'd just finished-up repairs on it (fret level/dress, saddle shave, setup) when an acquaintance of mine walked in, picked on a ton of guitars, and then said, "oh, what's that on the bench?!"

Well, he'd been looking for a classical and this fit the bill. So, he got it for the $200 I had into it, the repairs on top of that, and the cost of a K&K pickup installed while he waited. Not bad, I'd say! ...and I didn't even have two hours to be tempted by it. He took it home with the strings still stretching, heh heh.

At any rate, this is a really nice old folksy classical. It has palo escrito ("Mexican rosewood") back and sides, a spruce top, light build, no cracks, and a homespun but very comfortable neck and handling. Well -- at least now it handles well. 

I love curious old Mexican-made guitars from this era. Every one is different and a remarkable amount of them are fantastic like this guy. It's already making beautiful samba-like, fingerpicked melodies through a PA somewhere out there. It's hard to ask for a better hand-off than that.