1980s Harmony (Korea) Electrified Rubber-Bridge Dreadnought Guitar

My friend Mark was slightly downcast that I'd sold the latest batch of rubber-bridge guitars off or sent them back home to their owners. When he tried them out, though, he found that the necks (being what they are -- chunky and wide and flat), wouldn't have done him any favors. I suggested we modify this poor, wretched, junk-pile, x-braced "Harmony" (no relation to the Chicago company -- this is a Korean import) dreadnought for the task instead, so he waited-around until I finished it up for its new role.

I didn't get a soundclip but it was really peculiar to hear the rubber-bridge setup on a wide-sounding instrument --- acoustically. The tone was much-more mellow, warm, and full than the little tailpiece-setup parlors ever got, but it's definitely not as cool as the "junkstar" guitars with their weird stenciling, cowboy scenes, island maidens, and whanot.

This one is fun to play, though, and features an Alnico II Strat-style pickup mounted at "the neck" and controls on the upper-bout. I usually put them on the lower-bout but this plywood monstrosity is so lightly-built in the belly that I was worried about rattle on the pots. Extras include a fresh set of Gotoh tuners, Dakaware-style knobs, and some weirdo "war wounds."