2007 Fender (Mexico) Classic Series '69 Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar

It's hard to argue with a lighter-weight, Tele-lover's Tele. This one's ash-bodied and fairly spec-for-spec like the originals... though to be honest it's a little lighter than the truly vintages ones I've played. I always thought the F-holes on those were mostly for show...!

As far as "what you get" -- it's a Tele! The neck is vintage-style in feel with a medium-thickness, roundback profile and tighter radius to the board. I only had to give it a light setup and add a little extra compensation to the saddles to get it playing spot-on and fast. The strings were good to go and appear to be 9s or 9.5s rather than straight 10s.

It's super-de-duper clean save for the pickguard which acquired a texture to the surface from the cling-wrap having been left-on since new! The pickguard has also aged to a buttery-yellow-cream rather than the "off-white" cream these normally are. I like it better this way, myself... I love yellowish details on an electric.

Sunburst finish is also a little rarer than natural in the used market, so that's a boon as well. In short: it looks great, plays great, and sounds classic. Done!

Repairs included: setup, minor cleaning, saddle compensation (originally straight uncomp'd saddles).

Body wood: ash

Bridge: vintage-style 3-barrel

Fretboard: maple

Neck wood: maple

Pickups: 2x original Fender Tele single coils

Action height at 12th fret: 1/16" overall (fast)
String gauges: I think 9s or 9.5s

Neck shape: medium C

Board radius: ~9 1/2"

Truss rod: adjustable

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: medium-thin

Scale length: 25 1/2"3

Nut width: 1 5/8"

Body width: 12 3/4"

Body depth: 1 3/4"

Weight: 6 lbs 11 oz

Condition notes: it's stupid-clean with only the most minor playwear through the body but does have only the teensiest wear in the frets (not enough to level/dress) in first position. The pickguard also has a lightly textured surface due to the original cling-wrap being left on it far too long.