Local Flavor: Work, House, Flowers

Two things here -- the lawn was needing its first mow (the dandelions really were up to my knee in places) and the garden shed is looking like it's filling-up with tools and gear for the season, here.

The night of the full moon I stuck the big zoom lens on my "big camera" and had it setting next to the door for when the cloud-cover would let-up to let me take a shot. Unfortunately I fell asleep. The next morning I was puttering around outside getting some shelving ready for a new greenhouse (that's going up tomorrow, yip!) as well as putting together a new hose-reel cart.

I looked-out and saw all of the flowers in full swing so I yanked the camera and started shooting before I began to mow this stuff. How long has it been since I pulled-out a big camera to shoot flowers? Beats me... but it's been a while. This life moves way too fast for living in rural Vermont.

In-person the dandelions under the cherry tree were just too pretty. I wanted to go sink in them and take a nap.

Forget-me-nots have been sprouting-up all over the yard and in the forest, lately. I like.

In other news, I've been a spectator at most of Oona's baseball games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This past Thursday was a soaker, oh my gosh...

Here's a "spring rumbler"-type gadget I was trying to get working. The idea was to mount this in front of your amplifier's speaker and get a weird, passive reverb type of sound.

Well -- it didn't work even if it is made from a banjo resonator -- and so it'll be off to a friend of mine for use as a "normal" spring rumbler gadget. Oh well!

Work has been absolutely excruciating lately (do I feel guilty for falling asleep instead of getting work done at night? Yessss I do!) with tons of selling, shipping, and "need-this-now" random projects getting thrown my way. There's a reason the "Local Flavor" posts have mostly dried-up for the last few months. I don't know when or if I'll ever be out of the tunnel-vision lifestyle but I haven't quite burned-out yet and I've managed to squeeze a tiny bit of time here and there into recording again, thank the gods...

Also, at long last, I wrapped-up the upstairs bathroom last week. Here it was right after finishing-up (well, for the most part, but there's still a few details to adjust and in these pics there was still a bit of detritus/grunge in the tub from washing-up tools -- don't mind that).

Despite this teeny-tiny-ness of the project, it was kind-of a challenge. The frustrating bit is that now that I'm used to the upgrade upstairs it means that I have to get started on the downstairs pretty soon... and then the floors downstairs... and then... oh my, oh my...


Michael Mulkern said…
I love what you did with the upstairs bathroom, especially the whimsical self-portrait above the sink in the last photo. :D
Jake Wildwood said…
Hehe, thanks MM. :) I'll be sure to send you a print!!!