Video Demo: Hiwatt Hi-5 5w Tube Amp Head

I wanted a low-watt tube head to sit atop the 3x12" Fender Bassman cab I recently took in trade (yeah, it looks great in the store -- can you fault me?) and the only one I could find that would run a 4-ohm cab was this guy. It turned-out to be good for the job as another shop demo rig because it's also a 2-channel amp. 5w and two channels! How about that?

The clean channel is bitey and clean a bit like a blackface amp while the gain channel is a little darker (well, duh) and runs from "drive pedal" breakup to absurd metal-zone fizz and fuzz. I imagine with a more-efficient cabinet and set of speakers this could get pretty loud but with the big old cab in the shop the volume is just about perfect as even turned all the way up it's not loud enough to be doing hearing damage.