1890s Luigi Ricca (Weymann) Bowlback Mandolin


This old bowlback mandolin (it's either late 1890s or early-mid 1900s) has a label in the soundhole that reads "L. Ricca, New York" (as in: Luigi Ricca), but I'm almost certain it was made by Weymann in Philadelphia and then just labeled under that brand. There are some very Weymann-esque details (pickguard shape, beveled soundhole edge, purfling style) and its scale length and general style fit for the make.

I worked on this for a customer and it received a fret level/dress, cleaning, bridge adjustments/compensation, minor bowl-separation repairs, and setup work. I've strung it with GHS A240 strings (32w-9 extra lights) and it sounds, well, dang pleasant after all the repairs were done. It also plays fast and easy. too.

It has a canted spruce top, fancily-cut Waverly tailpiece, and maple and rosewood ribs on the bowl. The neck is mahogany and the fretboard and headstock veneer are rosewood.