1946 Gibson L-48 Carved-top Archtop Guitar

This is my friend Joe's '46 L-48 -- at this time still a carved-top, solid wood instrument, though by the mid-'50s these would by all-ply throughout the body (though still with a good sound). It sound and plays about the same as a pre-war L-48 and while it's not entirely original, it's clean, crack-free, and the changes (tuners and '50s-era Harmony bridge) are in keeping with the style of the instrument.

I just gave this a quick level/dress of the frets and a glorified setup and it's now playing spot-on. I even had a few minutes free to grab a quick video, too, before it got picked-up.


andycunn said…
Amazing! i have the same one in a bit rougher shape and always love seeing others out there. if it's got that script logo chances are it's gonna sound good!