1969 Fender Vibro Champ 6w 1x8" Tube Amp

It took me a bit of time to check and double-check this amp and its components to get the right idea about dating it. The owner originally told me that it's a '73 but a quick look at the drip-edge (aluminum trim around the grill) suggests it's '68-'69 production. He then called me today to tell me the sales receipt said it's a '68. The control panel is the type seen most-often on '70s Vibro Champs, though, and after a lot of searching-around online I found some late-year '69 and early '70 models that featured this same panel though without the drip-edge trim. The transformer codes are for '66 and '67 while the chassis serial number suggests '67 or '69. The date stamp on the tube chart is, unfortunately, illegible.

So -- what do I think? I think this is probably a mid-late 1969 model based on all the information. Mr. Dan Lurie of FYD amps up in Burlington, VT did a recent recap job and 3-prong power modification to it and the whole thing has a good bill of health. I checked it all out and everything looks (and sounds) good and is mostly-original. See the photos to get an idea. A few caps are replaced and the speaker looks like an '80s-style replacement but it's otherwise in really good shape.

Does it sound good? Well, yes -- duh! It's got a pretty classic chime and grrrr to it when driven -- plus that trem circuit sounds classic. It's also lightweight and easy to carry-around at just shy of 18 lbs.