1970s Aoyama (Iida) 5-String Resonator Banjo

While branded Aoyama, this Japanese-made "Masterclone"-style banjo is clearly made by the same factory that made Iida (and Alvarez, and other) instruments. For reference, see this banjo, this banjo, and this banjo.

They don't look as high-class as an actual Gibson but they have almost all the goods. This guy has a fast neck profile, functional truss rod and stable neck, ply-maple rim, and big flathead tonering. It's got a full flange and nice resonator as well.

The worst bits are usual slightly-unseated frets and tired tuners by the time they get to my shop -- both of which have been addressed here via a fret level/dress, compensation at the bridge, and new Gotoh planet-style tuners throughout.

It has a 26 3/8" scale and the normal 11" head and ~13 1/2" or so resonator size. Bonus points to the fella who thought it'd be awesome to engrave a stag on the tailpiece cover...!