1990s Fender Partscaster Telecaster Electric Guitar

I'm not really sure how much of this guitar is "partscaster" and how much is "genuine Fender." It has the decal on the headstock and a Fender USA neckplate, but even those are questionable. At any rate, it has an interesting Strat-Strat-Tele pickup loadout which made it worth grabbing a video and some photos to share.

Mr. Floyd dropped this off ages ago and, like a lot of instruments here, it sat languishing while awaiting a setup. I yanked it out of the case the other day and did just that, though, and so now it's cruising along just fine with a quick, '60s-ish feel -- the neck is medium-C in shape and it has the 7 1/4" fretboard radius. Home base to me, these days!

I especially like the gold body hardware with its jeweled-top volume and tone knobs juxtaposed against Ping-brand tuners fit at the headstock. Classic!

Full specs and extra details coming soon...