1994 Gibson J-45 Western Slope Dreadnought Guitar

I've known this guitar for a few years and it's been nice and stable since its last setup a couple years ago. We've done the summer/winter saddle thing, too, so if it drifts it's easy to get it back to where it needs to be. I replaced the original (bolt-on-shaft) Kluson-style tuners a while back with modern Kluson Revolutions but one of the tuner buttons broke so it was back in the shop (really, Kluson, you thought 1/8" of shaft grip was good for the button?). I shot a few photos while it was hanging-out (I've got some fresh metal buttons on order, now) because I don't see this almost-a-Country-Western J-45 model very often in the shop and figured you might like a peep show.

Yes -- it sounds like a modern J-45 -- warm, woody, chunky, and a little more Martin-y refined than the old guys, but still with a Gibson palette overall. '90s Gibson acoustics can be really hit or miss but this one seems to be a winner.