1958 Martin T-15 Tiple

This is a customer's Martin T-15 tiple that was just in for repairs. It's actually quite a clean instrument and the owner, basically, just wanted it to play in better tune up the neck. That's something accomplished by the swap-in of a compensated bone saddle in place of the original, uncompensated, fret saddle. It needed a bit more, though, to get it playing spot-on -- I gave it a neck reset and fret level/dress as well.

The resulting changes turned a decent-sounding but stiff-playing instrument into a slinky, quick-playing, sweet-toned, woody-toned, creamy-toned, player's instrument. It's x-braced (rather than the earlier fan bracing used on Martins) and very stable in service. The setup has not budged one bit since I got it strung-up a week or so back.

Martin T-15s are solid mahogany throughout the body and neck and have very little in the way of trim. This one has been kept clean and the satin/lightly semi-gloss nitro finish looks great throughout save some scuffing on the back and mild handling-wear to the front.