1970s Yasuma T-28 Clone Tiple

JediStar has some info on Yasuma instruments but this Japanese make is pretty-much a blank slate for me. This is the second or third Yasuma tiple I've handled and all have been high-quality clones of '20s-style Martin tiples with fan-style bracing (rather than the x-bracing of later Martin tiples). This makes them a little saucier and more-open-sounding than '40s and '50s Martin counterparts of the same design. I like that!

The top is solid spruce and the back and sides are, I'm guessing, ply rosewood. This fella has no cracks and my work was light-ish on it -- I gave it a level/dress of the frets, recut the saddle slot a bit, and fit a new, fully-compensated bone saddle.

I've set it up for GCEA tuning with gauges 10/22w, 17/38w/17, 15/32w/15, 9/9 low to high. The tuners are a little fussy but I wouldn't mind taking that right along with the nice neck, great sound, and Martin-to-a "T" looks and styling.