2010s Republic Engraved Concert Resonator Ukulele

I've handled about a half-dozen of the newer, import resonator ukes in recent memory. While the bodies and coverplates are mostly made in the same Chinese factory, the necks and fittings seem to be sourced from various firms. The Republic instruments always feel a little more-thought-out when I compare them to, say, the Recording King, Gretsch, or Gold Tone variations on the theme. At a glance, this instrument is more solidly retro-looking than the other brands with its simple appointments and spare headstock shape.

It's based on the vintage "small body" National resonator ukes and has a concert scale, standard ~6" cone, and beefier, less mandolin-like neck than the originals. Not all of the Republic ukes have engraving, either, and this one has it on every surface of the body.

I think this one dates right around 2010 or so as it's still got the vintage-appropriate friction pegs rather than the geared, guitar-style pegs used on newer models. I gave it a glorified setup and now it's playing spot-on and is ready to go.

Repairs included: cone and saddle/biscuit seating (to keep it snug and in place despite restrings), setup.

Body: metal

Cone type: single cone

Bridge: maple

Fretboard: rosewood

Neck wood: mahogany

Action height at 12th fret:
1/16" overall (fast)
String gauges: D'Addario fluorocarbon

Neck shape: medium-bigger C

Board radius: flat

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: medium-smaller

Scale length: 14 3/8"

Nut width: 1 3/8"

Body width: 7 3/4"

Body depth: 2 1/2"

Weight: 2 lbs 3 oz

Condition notes: it's nearly unused and only shows the most minor handling-wear.

It comes with: a nice flight-style case.